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  Our Objective

Our Team and Direction

Areas of Expertise







Absolute Infotech offers services in:

Supply of Software (Microsoft, Oracle, Computer Associates etc.,) Hardware (HP, IBM, Sun etc.,) and man power

   Application software development (off shore/on site)

    Solution providing for Microsoft products



    Programming services


The services offered are on the following platforms:

            Windows 2000/XP, Exchange 2000, SQL Server 2000, Managing Software Licenses,

Our Consultants

The IT industry is highly competitive and people oriented. Absolute Infotech is in no way different. Our consultants are the most valuable assets of our company. They are the success of our business. We motivate our staff and keep them abreast with all the technological advancements. Absolute Infotech employs people based on excellent interpersonal and superior technical skills. The mature professional attitude of our consultants, coupled with their technical skills and understanding of the customers problems, ensures effective and productive results and a satisfied customer.


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