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About Us

Absolute Infotech is an business and networking technologies company.  Founded in 1993, Absolute Infotech was created to address needs that were not being met effectively by traditional consulting firms or by pure software and technology development companies. A combination of world-class experience, customer-centric processes and best practices, allows us to deliver high-quality solutions with lower total cost of ownership to our clients.

Our mission is to help our clients build superior processes and systems, to enhance their performance, with our expert teams and their exceptional ideas.

The major goals of the company are

ü      To provide support services for all Microsoft products.

ü      To provide cutting edge technology solutions and services .

ü      To provide  professional resources to meet customers IT requirements.

With a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, who come from a wide spectrum of business, management and IT disciplines with over 200 man years of field experience, we have the know-how to successfully address any IT challenge.

We specialize in low cost software development and placement consultants. We place a special emphasis in providing industry-wide solutions to the problems that our clients encounter. Often, our consultants can find an already developed solution for our clients, and we can either steer them in the right direction or modify an existing product to tailor it to the user's specific needs. Frequently our clients require a specialized turnkey system, network or software. We try to write software and design systems that will work for most businesses in the client's specific industry, substantially reducing the cost to the individual client, as the research and development costs are distributed more evenly with this method. Experts in VB .NET, ASP, VC.NET, Oracle, SQL Server, XML, #C , Multimedia, CD Publishing,  Internet Tools,  etc..

Absolute Infotech Business Strategy

Our primary business strategy is to provide tailor made services to our customers. We have developed expertise in System Programming, Internet and Intranet administration, and Web development and in many other key business areas. Absolute Infotech’s experience in delivering full range of high quality services in the domestic market enabled it to explore international business opportunities.





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Sales and Solutions

Absolute Infotech (P) Ltd. is one of the leading Microsoft Certified Partners in Bangalore. Eight years since its inception, Absolute Infotech is in the relentless pursuit of meeting the growing demands of the IT industry, both domestic and global.

Our activities include

  • Manufacturing and marketing of computers and software.
  • Developing software for Indian and foreign markets.
  • Executing turnkey projects

We represent Microsoft,  Borland, and IBM etc. for their entire range of software products. We also represent  HP, and Intel etc. for a various products including Laser and Inkjet Printers, CD ROM, HD, Modems etc. We provide total solutions in MULTIMEDIA, CAD, NETWORKING etc..

Certified Partners for Microsoft

This is a certification given to a selected few companies by the global software giant Microsoft. The criteria for this selection are the technical expertise as well as the infrastructure of the respective company. We also engage ourselves in product reselling for Microsoft. Being a certified partner, our customers are benefited to get access to the latest of all advancements from Microsoft like service packs, product evaluation copies, technical help and the like, which other resellers would not be able to provide. 

These are a few of the benefits that you can always find in Absolute Infotech. As an organization focusing on exclusive software development, you can always rely on Absolute Infotech. We sincerely hope that we would be able to cater to the needs of your company the best way possible. Should you have any clarifications on any of these issues, please feel free to call on us.

Give us a call, we can be of service to your organization or mail to   microsoft@aindia.com .


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